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January 21, 2002 - Regular Board meeting

**** IMPORTANT ****

Well there you have it folks....I warned everyone that I talked to about this Elizabeth Roy made amalgamation. The safety factor's that you were worried about in the first place have been moved south one block. Some questions:

Jack Massie has stated he's not sure of Site for amalgamated School. If he's not sure that the Amagamated site will be at Burns and Garden, then where will it be?

When a school is on a list for proposed closure what is the procedure that should be followed by the board?

1. The School principle is informed.
2. The SCC is informed.
3. A public meeting scheduled.(was not held for K. Rowe)

How come the Community of K. Rowe did not have a public meeting before they were included in the accommadation plan.
A survey of k-3 was put out at K. Rowe so I guess the grade 4-8 parents of the community don't have a say or any valuable input in this decision.

It looks as if the Durham Board of Education has broken their own policy of public consultation before making their decision on the accomodation plan. (The communities of the school's being closed should have had a public meeting before the accomadation plan was approved).

As a community lets stop the closing of RAH!!!!

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