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Facts and Figures


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Facts from the Durham District Board Planning Department

Save R.A. Hutchison

Some facts and figures to ponder Why Leslie McFarlane?

____School__________ MRC______FTE______Portables

Leslie McFarlane________360______441______2
K.Rowe ________________246.5_____346______3

Some questions come to mind.

Why are they allowing out of boundary relocates when these schools are already beyond capacity?

Moving another 123 students to McFarlane will mean more students to portables. (They would 2 more)

Is there a mandate or policy in place to reduce the number of students forced to use portables?

(The above figures are facts from the Durham District Board Planning Department)

Legend MRC = Set Capacity FTE = Total enrolment

Traffic Collision Summary.

High Collision Frequency Locations

Signalized Intersections with 5 or greater Collisions.

Municipality - Location - Total Collisions - Daily Volume

1) Whitby____Garden & Hwy2_____13__________41484 *
2) Whitby____Dundas & Garrard____11__________39482
3) Whitby____Brock & Maple_______9__________22979

*This Intersection is the 2nd most travelled in Durham Region with the first most travelled being Thickson & Hwy2

*This Intersection has the highest Collision rating in Whitby!

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